It does not matter what your roof is made of. You need to keep it clean regularly. A couple of homeowners believe that washing a roof might damage it. However, that is not the case at all. As long as you use the right methods in cleaning the roof, you can avoid damage.  

Keep in mind that different roofing materials require different cleaning methods. Today, we’re going to talk about tile roofs and how to clean them.  

If you don’t want to hire Trenton roofers to clean your roof, here are several tips you can follow: 

Should You Hire a Professional? 

It can be a bit tricky to wash a tile roof. If you put too much weight on them, they can break. You can also damage them if you do not pressure wash them properly. If you want to lower the possibilities of damage, you should hire an expert roofing company to clean the roof.  

However, if you want to do it on your own, here are some of the tools that you will need: 

Tools You Need for Cleaning Your Tile Roof 

If you want to clean your tile roof properly, here are several tools you need: 

Dry Cloths 

When cleaning your tiles, you need to buff them. For those who don’t know, tiles might begin to appear chalky after cleaning. The reason for this is that tiles reach with some cleaning solutions to produce a chalky white material known as “efflorescence”. It will not damage your tiles. However, it will affect its appearance. You can use dry cloths to buff out the material.  

Sealant, Primer, and Paint 

Are your tiles painted? If so, you might erode the paint when you clean them. Thus, you might have to prime, paint, and seal your tiles again once you are done cleaning. This will help renew its color.  

Cleaning Solution 

You have to guarantee that the cleaning solution you utilize to wash your tile isn’t going to damage the tiles. Oftentimes, professionals recommend that you use cleaning products with a base of sodium hydroxide. You can also try a solution of water and chlorine.  


If you want to get up on your roof, you will need a ladder. Make sure it is durable enough to support your weight. Also, it’s best to choose a ladder that has foot stays. As much as possible, try to stand on the ladder rather than on the roof. This will help you lower the possible damage to your tiles.  


You need to use plywood when washing the roof. It is where you’ll stand. Tiles can be extremely fragile when you step on them. You can distribute your weight properly if you place plywood boards throughout the tile.  

Pressure Washer 

When washing your tile roof, make sure you use a soft pressure washer. You should not use pressure higher than 1,500 psi. If you go overboard, it can damage your tiles. Also, you have to check to ensure that the nozzle is appropriate for your tile roof.